Company History

Inaugurated in 2005, Vision Tech has quickly matured into a highly reputable Chinese supplier of Ad sign-making products. Our company offers ink, spare parts, printing media, engraving machine, eco solvent printer, wide format solvent printer, and other accessories.

Vision Tech began as a humble dealer for Infiniti/Challenger printers. We are now a leading domestic supplier in the Ad sign industry. 8 years of groundwork has allowed us to establish a tried-and-true system for product and service promotion. Experienced in cost control and quality assurance, our company is able to offers clients excellent products at the most competitive prices. We are your one-stop solution for all Ad sign needs.

Our priorities place the CUSTOMER FIRST and SERVICE FOREMOST. With export destinations in over 60 countries and regions, our critically acclaimed products have garnered us the trust of clients all over the world.

We are in active pursuit of mutually beneficial business opportunities. The principle of win-win requires us to take into account both products sales and the return on investment (ROI) of our clients. Vision Tech is known for its dependable quality, complete inventory, on-time delivery, informative consultation, and professional after-sales services. All of these valuable services are at the complete disposal of our clients.

Join hands with Vision Tech, together we will build a success story!

Environment Protection

As an enterprise, our primary concern is profitability. As a mature enterprise, we recognize the impact of our operations and consequently, our pending social responsibility.

Since its inception, Vision Tech has always been an advocate of environment protection, actively seeking green alternatives and striving to maintain a smaller carbon footprint. All of our business operations are in strictly compliance with the international standards for energy consumption assessment. This year, we fulfilled the promise to reduce energy consumption. The power expenditure of our devices is reduced by 25% in comparison with 2007. We implement an eco-friendly business model that is in adherence with the low-carbon and energy-saving requirements of the International Environmental Conventions.

Paperless office
"Save the trees. Protect the environment. Breathe easier." This mantra compels us to adopt a paperless office. Everything is done electronically, we do not print out documents unless it is absolutely necessary. E-fax has already replaced all of our conventional fax equipment.

Non-toxic and harmless production
As part of our environment protection campaign, all products are now made from eco-friendly materials with non-toxic attributes. Our recently launched new generation eco-solvent ink is safe for the working environment and emits no harmful VOCs (volatile organic components).

Recyclable packing materials
Going against the grain, we say nay to the conventional methods of Chinese packaging, which is often luxury and entirely unpractical. We choose to focus on the product itself, complimenting it with simple, practical and environmental friendly packaging. All packing materials are recyclable and biodegradable. The Earth has a finite amount of resources and it is our responsibility to "use and reuse".

Vision Tech remains vigilante, never undermining the importance of environment protection. As an informed enterprise, it is our due responsibility.


1. Pre-sale technical support is available for the CNC router, CNC plasma cutter, solvent printer, eco-solvent printer, printer spare parts, and various media & displays.

2. We offer proofing services for the laser engraving/cutting machine. Photos and videos are uploaded with footage of sample yields, which can be tailored according to client-side specifications. Unique raw material requirements can be accommodated if the customer can send us a sample. Processed yields can be shipped back for inspection. Shipping and processing fees are covered by our company.

3. Printer ink samples can be ordered in small quantities. All costs including shipping are to be paid by the client.

Q. What type of service is provided during transactions? How are fragile components handled and compensated? When are goods delivered?
A. Purchase of additional fragile/consumable materials is highly recommended. Products are shipped within one week of receiving payment.

Q. What type of after-sales service is available? How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
A. A 1 year warranty is provided for products including the printer, CNC router, CNC plasma cutting machine, and the laser engraving/cutting machine. Ink products have a 1 year shelf life; during this period they are guaranteed to perform as intended. No coverage is available for print media or printer spare parts. Within the constraint of the warranty, compensation in the form of spare components is provided for unintentional damages resulting from natural causes. Tech support is available via video-feed to assist owners with the correct installation of replacement parts.

Q. What other types of services are available?
A. Long-distance technical support is provided. For detailed information please consult the SUPPORT documents.

Q. Are OEM services available?
A. We do not offer OEM at this time.

Company Tour

Ink Factory

Our Ink Factory features the following:
(1) Advance Instruments: Our Ink Factory is equipped with the superior quality analytical instruments. This enables us to quantitatively identify product properties, thus allowing us to achieve quality assurance.
(2) Versatile materials: We hold a wide variety of materials in storage for research, expediting the development of new products in the market.
(3) High standard of environmental protection: The top priority of our Ink Factory is to explore all research possibilities without compromising the health of our environment.

  • Ink Color Control
  • Ink Rubbing Test
  • Ink UV Light Aging Test
  • Ink Viscosity Test
  • Ink R&D
  • Ink Workshop

Print Media Factory

Our Print Media Factory has a first-rate research and development team, as well as world-class production equipment. Each type of our print media has undergone severe tests of the market. While utilizing advanced production facilities for production, we have also earned ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificates, so as to achieve basic guarantees for the product quality. For the purpose of ensuring stable quality, each of our print media products undergoes strict performance tests before leaving factory, including test for the viscosity, temperature and weather resistance, scratching resistance, ink absorptivity, and more.

  • Print Media Factory – 01
  • Print Media Factory – 02
  • Printing Media Quality Control – 01
  • Printing Media Quality Control – 02
  • Printing Media Quality Control - 03

Printer Factory

Our Printer Factory was found in 1993 with a full range of production lines in four buildings. The well-equipped modern factory provides a firm foundation for our printer research and production, offering us an annual production capacity of 6,000 units.

Our engineers are experienced in research and development of printing equipment and consumables. They cooperate and exchange skills with many famous corporations around the world. Also, our company has established cooperative relationships with SII Printek Inc. in the research and development of a new series of printer.

Technical Strength

To help clients choose the most suitable products, we offer professional suggestions and technical consultation services, and also provide optimized procurement scheme to help save clients' cost. After customers have placed the order, the logistic information tracking and notification services are available; and meanwhile, we offer suggestions and consultation services regarding to equipment importing procedures. After clients have received the goods, we offer online technical supports, including supports for equipment installation, software installation, as well as equipment testing and commissioning. Also, we can also provide technical supports to help users solve problems occurred during equipment operation process.
With a complete range of product lines for advertising industry, we are the one-stop store for products such as printer, print media, printer ink, and more. Additionally, we can also offer ICC Profile making service.

  • Color Management
  • Ink Quality Control and Color Management

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