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Metal Laser Engraver and Marker

    1. Metal Laser Engraver VS-DP50 The metal laser engraver VS-DP50 is an economical model from the VISION diode side-pumped laser marking machine series. It is commonly used for metal and plastic engraving or marking and is applicable Show Details >>
    1. Metal Laser Engraver VS-F10 The high-speed metal laser engraver VS-F10 is representative of the VISION fiber laser marking machine series. It is a popular choice amongst advertising professionals and is valued for the personalized Show Details >>
    1. Metal Laser Engraver VS-F20 Introduced as a part of the VISION fiber laser marking machine series, the metal laser engraver VS-F20 is a high-speed device with a long service life. This particular model is highly recommended for professionals Show Details >>
Metal Laser Engraver and Marker

Metal laser engraver and marker equipment is fundamentally different from its CO2 counterpart, both in terms of laser wavelength and the overall working principle. In order to process metallic objects, a 1,640nm wavelength is used in conjunction with either a fiber or diode laser source. During processing, both the work piece and laser head remain stationary. XY motion of the laser beam is controlled by the inner scanner for functions such as image drawing. As such, the engraving speed is comparatively higher than conventional CO2 engravers. The max XY moving distance is limited, constrained within a 12" square.

The fiber laser is highly effective for converting light energy into heat and does not require a water cooling system, significantly reducing power consumption. It is often preferred over the diode laser for these reasons.

Our metal laser engraver and marker can process metal objects with a printing effect and is widely used in the gifts & craft industry. It can make metal tags with photo engravings. Additionally, deep carving can engrave logos, serial numbers, and batch numbers onto metallic surfaces.

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