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Large Format Solvent Printer UD-3208Q

Large Format Solvent Printer UD-3208Q
Phaeton Seiko Large Format Solvent Printer Model: UD-3204/06/08Q (Heavy Duty)

1. The Phaeton Seiko large format solvent printer UD-3208Q is successor to the classical models FY-3208G and FY-3208S.
2. This printer is available with 4 or 6 colors and can be modified with up to 8 pieces of SPT 510/35pl Piezo print head.
3. White-space skipping improves productivity.
4. Individual color cleaning function assists with machine maintenance.
5. Waved printing-edges blur the pass line, producing stunning images.

Technical Specification
Model No. UD-3208QUD-3206QUD-3204Q
Print headTypeSeiko Spt510 35pl
Quantity4 x 264
Resolution (dpi) 720dpi
Color4 color 6 color 4 color
Speed1 pass101 sqm/h51 sqm/h51 sqm/h
2 pass 76 sqm/h38 sqm/h38 sqm/h
3 pass 51 sqm/h26 sqm/h26 sqm/h
MediaWidth 3.3m
TypesFrontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film
Feeding and Take-upEquipped
Cleaning System Positive Pressure Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Heating System Pre/Mid/Post Heater, Cooling Fan System
EnvironmentTemperature: 20℃ -28℃ Humidity:40%-60%
Rip Software Maintop, Photoprint, UltraPrint, Topaz, Wasatch, Caldera
Print head Height 6mm (Max)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
PowerAC220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 500W-1800W
MachineL4500 x W905 x H 1340mm / 440± 15kg
PackingL4650 x W970 x H 1600mm / 650± 15kg

The large format solvent printer UD-3208Q is primarily employed by the Ad & sign-making industry. It can process multiple types of print media including mesh, vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap, window film, perforated vinyl, etc.

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Wide Format Solvent Printing Machine | Easy Maintained Solvent Printing Device | Inkjet Printing Equipment

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