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Wide / Large Format Inkjet Printer

Wide/large format inkjet printer sprays extremely small ink droplets onto the printing medium for image creation. The concept of inkjet printing was first proposed in the 19th century. Its popularity has grown in modern times, due to continual price drops in printing equipment. Performance inkjet printers are commonly associated with well known brands such as HP, Epson, and Canon.

We offer wide/large format inkjet printer with width specifications of 70", 83", 100", and 125". Large format printing businesses utilize these machines for the processing of display media including signs, banners, vehicle wrap, window film, etc.

Related Names
Wide Format Inkjet Printing Machine | Large Format Inkjet Printing Equipment | Wide Format Deskjet | Common Type Printer

    1. Seiko™ Printhead Solvent Printer SeriesThe Seiko solvent printer is assembled with advanced technology provided by the famous Japanese brand Seiko. This model comes with Seiko SPT series print heads, allowing it to be fully integrated with numerous printing applications.
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    1. Xaar™ Printhead Solvent Printer SeriesThe Xaar solvent printer features premium print heads provided to us by Xaar-a world famous UK brand. Launch of the first-generation Xaar 128 print heads were met with enthusiasm, quickly gaining momentum on the market.
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    1. Eco-solvent PrinterThe Eco-solvent printer is designed for wide format printing and is well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The environmental friendly device uses eco-solvent inks and does not emit noxious odors.
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    1. Textile /Sublimation PrinterThe textile/sublimation printer UD-181LB / UD-1812LB incorporates a 2-unit system that includes both the printer and the heater. Images are printed directly onto fabrics or textiles via sublimation ink without the usage of sublimation paper.
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