Chinese Brand Solvent Printer Parts

Chinese Brand Solvent Printer Parts
Chinese Brand Solvent Printer Parts

Our robust catalogue contains solvent printer parts from almost every Chinese brand on the domestic market. These original components are guaranteed to be new and unused. We offer inkjet printer parts for JHF, Phaeton, Infiniti/Challenger, and more. Solvent printer components are available for Liyu, Myjet, and Zhongye. We also supply digital printer parts for brands such as Wit-color and Gongzheng.

We are well-stocked with most types of solvent printer parts. Deliveries are made as soon as payments have been cleared. Available forms of payment include TT, Paypal, and Western Union. Our shipments are handled by DHL, TNT, or Fedex. Please feel free to contact us for additional information, a sales representative will be glad to assist you. All forms of inquiry are processed within 24 hours.

    1. Long flex data cable
    1. Air filter
    1. Air pump

    1. Clean Swabs
    1. Cleaning Tissues - Non woven paper
    1. Ink Connector

    1. Servo motor (Leadshine)
    1. Encoder Sensor
    1. Encoder strip

    1. Ink Filter
    1. Pall ink filter
    1. Ink pump

    1. Ink tube
    1. Long belt
    1. Magnetic valve

    1. Main tank filter
    1. Media sensor
    1. Motor Driver

    1. Optical fiber cable
    1. Pinch Rollers(Double rubbers)
    1. Print head cable

    1. Print head transfer cards
    1. Sub-tank
    1. Sub-tank

    1. XY Motor belt

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