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Bulk Ink System

We offer an affordable alternative to expensive original cartridge ink. Our solution involves a bulk ink system, which is ideally complimented by the associated usage of compatible bulk ink. For original-cartridge users that wish to reduce operating costs, a system refit with the addition of our ink system is strong recommended. We utilize the CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) cartridge, which is affiliated with a permanent chip. Achieve continuous printing by simply replenishing the cartridges with compatible ink. In comparison with original cartridges, the CISS cartridge is much more cost-efficient due to their refillable nature. Our system is designed for EPSON inkjet printers with one-sided cartridge slots and can support both CMYK and CMYK+LC+LM. It works best with devices from Mimaki, Mutoh, or Roland.

BIS for Roland Printers

BIS for Mimaki Printers

BIS for EPSON Printers
    1. For Epson 7710, 9710, 7700, 9710   
    1. For EPSON GS6000

BIS for Mutoh Printers

Permanent Chip is Equipped Separately

Bulk System for EPSON, Roland, and Mutoh Inkjet Printers
4C - Single Without Chip - 4 Cartridges
4C - Double Without Chip - 8 Cartridges
5C - Double Without Chip - 5 Cartridges
5C - Double Without Chip - 10 Cartridges
6C - Single Without Chip - 6 Cartridges
6C - Double Without Chip - 12 Cartridges

Bulk System for Mimaki Inkjet Printers
JV3 - 4C - Double With Chip - 8 Cartridges
JV3 - 6C - Single With Chip - 6 Cartridges
4C - Double With Chip - 8 Cartridges
6C - Single With Chip - 6 Cartridges
4C - 4 With Chip - 16 Cartridges (4 Cartridges/Color)

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