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Solvent Ink

Solvent ink selection can be a burden when you have thousands of Chinese suppliers to choose from. How can you make the most ideal purchase? Vision Ad Sign House is here to assist you. All of our inks are strictly screened for quality assurance. We only stock selections that have received positive feedback, discontinuing the ones that do not perform well. This practice effectively prunes our catalogue, providing clients with the highest standard inks.

Seiko Printhead: SK4 Solvent Ink for Seiko SPT1020 /510 /255-35pl, Seiko 510/50pl
XAAR Printhead: XAAR 126, 128, 382, 500, 600
Konica Minolta Printhead: Konica Minolta 512/14Pl, 512/42PL, 256/14PL, 512/42PL
Spectra Printhead: Spectra Polaris 15PL, 35PL, Skywalker 50PL, Nova 80PL

Why Choose our Ink?
Low Corrosive Solvents

Low corrosive solvents in the solvent ink effectively extend the ink circuit lifespan.

Prevent Nozzle Clogging

Toread™ solvent ink features high purity solvent. Ink pigment particles are industrially grinded to nano-scale, yielding premium inks that are defined by their high liquidity. The anti-clogging property remains prevalent even after prolonged storage and is indispensable to fast-paced working environments.

Outdoor Durability

Our ink pigment particles have exceptional optical stability. Combined with excellent UV resistance and waterproof properties, brilliant colors are guaranteed to persist. Color fading is a non-issue, even under severe environment conditions.

High Scratch Resistance

Another added benefit of our high performance solvent ink is the high degree of pigment adhesion.

Long Shelf Life

The excellent liquidity of the solvent prevents precipitation and nullifies caking issues, both of which may otherwise occur during long term storage. We are confident in the shelf life potency of our solvent ink.

Batch Consistency

We implement a strict quality control system. Unified color management maintains consistency between batches. Follow-up orders are guaranteed to be the same quality as initial orders.

What is Solvent Ink?

In a nutshell, solvent ink is a non water-based ink. The solvent acts as a liquid medium for color pigments, enabling better adhesion to print media. This prevents premature fading, an effect that is increasingly evident under severe environment conditions. Aside from its anti-scratch properties, additional benefits include water and UV resistance. On the flip side, solvent ink can be highly volatile. Print jobs are often accompanied by a heavy odor which is bad for the environment. Nonetheless, it is still very popular for outdoor printing purposes, due to its high cost-efficiency.

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