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3D Printer

Our 3D printer is a high-end individual FDM printing machine. It is designed with full steel frame and dual extruder. In size of 250×250×300mm, it features high volume, high 3D printing speed and reasonable price.

1.Dual extruder and dual print head
This printer is optimized with outstanding printing head, which offers smooth and fine printing without clogging. It can print on the materials with two colors or two different filaments easily.

2. High precision filament feeding device
The filament feeder is upgraded with gear motors and stable fixture, capable of feeding the filament precisely.

3. Monocrystal glass printing plate
Our XT 3D printer is equipped with the flat and powerful heat panel fixed with the heat resistant monocrystal glass.

4. Strong hot bed and high precision Z axis drive device
Supported by the solid hot bed, it keeps precise printing even for a big and heavy model. The precision of the Z axis is extremely important for the layer resolution. Thus this machine is driven by superior ball screw mechanism.

5. MankatiUM (Cura) 3D printing software
Based on open source 3D printing software Cura, the XT 3D printer uses the special MankatiUM software, which is operation friendly and efficient.

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