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One Way Vision Film

One Way Vision Film
One Way Vision Film

The one way vision film is well known for its superior ink absorption and light transmission properties.

1. Our next-generation solution to the permeability-printability dilemma is developed through continuous research efforts. Holes are uniquely sized and spaced out. We utilize a diameter of 1.6mm and a spacing of 2.4mm, guaranteeing exceptional printing effects while ensuring a light permeability of 55%.
2. One way vision film is crafted from PVC materials for good ink absorption and color saturation.
3. The backside adhesive is made with fast-bonding black or transparent glue that can be removed.
4. The paper substrate consists of import art paper, ensuring the uniform evenness of the product surface.


One Way Vision FilmOne Way Vision Film One Way Vision FilmOne Way Vision FilmOne Way Vision Film

The film is commonly associated with large format printing and can be plastered on surfaces such as bus windows and Metro windows. It is compatible with solvent printers and can be used for indoor or outdoor upholstering. Please contact us for more detailed specifications.

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