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Eco Solvent Printer UD-211LA / UD-2112LA

Eco Solvent Printer UD-211LA / UD-2112LA
Epson DX5 Eco Solvent Printer Model: UD-211LA (High Resolution)

The eco solvent printer UD-211LA / UD-2112LA is equipped with the 3.5pl Epson DX5 piezo print head. This technological marvel enables a maximum printing resolution of 1440 dpi and allows users to experience the best-in-class print quality. Images are vivid and incredibly sharp. Increased precision and consistency of both the dot size and dot release are main contributing factors to this outstanding performance. Additionally, dot gain control has been increased for more latitude in profile settings. Intelligent interweave print technology virtually eliminates banding while increasing print speed, yielding stunning images with breathtaking realism.

Technical Specifications
Print HeadEpson DX5
Number of Print Head1 head2 heads
Max Printing Width 2100mm
Printing SpeedDraft4 pass 17 sqm/hour4 pass 34 sqm/hour
Standard6 pass 12 sqm/hour6 pass 22 sqm/hour
Quality8 pass 10 sqm/hour8 pass 17 sqm/hour
High Quality8 pass 10 sqm/hour8 pass 17 sqm/hour
Backlit12 pass 6 sqm/hour12 pass 10 sqm/hour
InkTypeWater-based / Eco Solvent Ink
ColorC M Y K
Capacity1 liter
Ink supply systemAuto ink supply system
MediaWidthMax 2150mm
TypeVinyl, film, polyester, flex, backlit film, PS board, KT board, PVC foam board…
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped Max media weigh 25kgs
Auto Cleaning SystemAnti-clogged flash function and capping system
Pre-heating & Drying SystemEquipped
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Print Head Height2 -10mm from media
Rip SoftwareUltraprint, Maintop, Photoprint, Shiraz, Wasatch
Input PowerAC220v, 50HZ/60HZ
Machine DimensionL3380 * W990 * H 1260mm / 225kgs
Package DimensionL3490 * W1100 * H 845mm / 422kgs

Low Maintenance
The unique design of our printers allow for a high degree of integration. For instance, the print head can be cleaned via an individual capping station and wiper, saving time and effort. Maintenance has been greatly simplified and is significantly less expensive.

Fast Drying
Our 3-heater design accelerates print drying time and is a major upgrade from 2-heater models. The added efficiency is invaluable for advanced users that wish to mass produce.

Outstanding Craftsmanship
The eco solvent printer UD-211LA / UD-2112LA implement the alloy-aluminum girder to minimize operation noise. A quiet working environment can now be affordable. These meticulously assembled machines are built with rigorous standards and will provide users with years of profitable use.

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