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Eco Solvent Printer VS-SP Series

Eco Solvent Printer Model: VS-SP Series

Our eco solvent printer VS-SP series varies in three types, namely VS-901SP type, VS-1301SP type and VS-1601SP type. The printing width is 920mm (36 inches), 1320mm (52 inches) and 1620mm (64 inches) respectively. Our machine adopts the EPSON DX5 with the printing resolution up to 1440dpi.

At present, we have taken a series of actions to expand the market of this series of products, such as offering competitive price, taking the PhotoPrint 10 server Pro or Wasatch Soft RIP 6.7/6.9/7.0 as gift and even more proper cost of consumable items.

Our sales consultants will provide the latest quotation and the current promotion news for customers.

Product Details
1. Print head carriage
2.This VISION eco solvent printer is designed with the frame that features high efficient and stability. The thick specially shaped aluminum profile keeps the machine with long service life and minimum mechanical vibration. A large amount of cast aluminum parts makes the printer compact in structure, avoiding the high rate of failure of combined accessories.
3. The precision and uniformity of the gear pitch are critical factors affecting the accuracy of the transmission system. Therefore, our eco solvent printer employs the quality gear and belt drive parts.
4. The print platform offers the segmented heating performance distributed in the front, middle and rear sections. This is the control panel for heating the platform.
5. CMYK×2 inking system
6. The automatic tensioning and feeding system with tension control is optional.
7. Compact and efficient control panel
8. Thanks to the innovative nozzle compensation system, this eco solvent printer is able to remap the blocked nozzles for continuous printing with preeminent image quality. Without any speed loss, this nozzle compensation system offers superior performance to others. The intelligent nozzle mapping plays an important role in shortening the downtime and improving the production efficiency.
9. The eco solvent printer introduces the exclusive intelligent pass technology that makes use of optimal algorithms and optimized mask patterns, getting rid of overspray and pass-to-pass banding.
Technical Parameters
Print HeadEpson DX5
Number of Print Head1 head1 head1 head
Max. Printing Width920mm1320mm1620mm
Printing Speed (m2/h)Draft4 pass 154 pass 174 pass 19
Standard6 pass 126 pass 156 pass 17
High Quality8 pass 108 pass 118 pass 13
Backlit12 pass 612 pass 712 pass 9
InkTypeWater-based/eco solvent ink
Ink supply systemAuto ink supply system
MediaWidthMax. 1100mmMax. 1400mmMax. 1700mm
TypeVinyl, film, polyester, flex, backlit film, PS board, KT board, PVC foam board…
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped
Max. media weight: 25kg
Media Tensioning SystemOptional
Print Head Cleaning SystemAnti-clogged flash function and capping system
Pre-heating and Drying SystemEquipped
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Print Head HeightFrom media surface 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 adjustable
Rip SoftwareUltraprint, Maintop, Photoprint, Shiraz, Wasatch
Input PowerAC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Dimension
Feed the printed medium Feed the printed medium Install the winding roller for finished product
Start printing Efficient hot air drying system

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