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Eco-solvent Printer UD-251LA / UD-2512LA

Eco-solvent Printer UD-251LA / UD-2512LA
Epson DX5 Wide Format Eco solvent printer Phaeton Model: UD-251LA (High Resolution)

The Phaeton eco-solvent printer UD-251LA / UD2512LA is an affordable alternative to premium Roland, Mutoh, or Mimaki printers. This reasonably priced machine is widely recognized for its exceptional cost-performance. In terms of resolution, speed, and stability, this device is on par with our highly acclaimed UD181LA / UD-1812LA series. A machine width of 2.5m offers much greater flexibility than 1.8m models. User-friendly and easy to maintain, this printer is entirely compatible with bulk eco-solvent ink.

Technical Specifications
Print HeadEpson DX5
Number of Print Head1 head2 heads
Max Printing Width 2100mm
Printing SpeedDraft4 pass 19 sqm/hour4 pass 36 sqm/hour
Standard6 pass 15 sqm/hour6 pass 24 sqm/hour
Quality8 pass 11 sqm/hour8 pass 18 sqm/hour
High Quality8 pass 11 sqm/hour8 pass 18 sqm/hour
Backlit12 pass 7 sqm/hour12 pass 12 sqm/hour
InkTypeWater-based / Eco Solvent Ink
ColorC M Y K
Capacity1 liter
Ink supply systemAuto ink supply system
MediaWidthMax 2550mm
TypeVinyl, film, polyester, flex, backlit film, PS board, KT board, PVC foam board…
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped Max media weigh 25kgs
Auto Cleaning SystemAnti-clogged flash function and capping system
Pre-heating & Drying SystemEquipped
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Print Head Height2 -10mm from media
Rip SoftwareUltraprint, Maintop, Photoprint, Shiraz , Wasatch
Input PowerAC220v, 50HZ/60HZ
Machine DimensionL3780 * W990 * H 1260mm / 256kgs
Package DimensionL3890 * W1100 * H 845mm / 457kgs

The machine is fitted with the EPSON DX5 print head. The print head contains 1440 nozzles, allowing for a 1440 dpi resolution. It also features high currency frequency, which enables high ink-spray and printing speeds. Our device offers the same level of performance as a Roland eco-solvent printer.

Our machine implements the XY AC servo motor and a precise gear-occlude with direct transmission. Together, these premium components can ensure accurate re-positioning even under high speed conditions. The THK guide rail offers additional stability, preventing deformations caused by extended periods of continuous operation.

Low Ink Cost
The Phaeton eco-solvent printer adopts a bulk ink supply system. This system is much more economical than Roland original cartridge ink, allowing users to significantly reduce expenses when processing high printing volumes.

Easy Maintenance
Our printer comes with intelligent cleaning and water-retaining equipment for proper print head care.

The wide format eco-solvent printer UD-251LA / UD2512LA is utilized for both indoor and outdoor printing purposes. These performance machines can handle a large assortment of print media including mesh, vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap, window film, photo paper, oil canvas, perforated vinyl, etc.

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