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Other Advertising Equipment

    1. Banner WelderOur machine is built with the acclaimed Leister heating-system, imported from Switzerland. Temperatures are displayed digitally. Optional add-ons include the laser guiding unit and portable walking unit. Show Details >>
    1. Cutting PlotterCompact and lightweight, this device fits in the palm of your hand and is very easy to use.
      Portable and cost-effective sign-making is now available at an affordable price.
      Applications can be found in the office, around Show Details >>
    1. Banner SlitterThe banner slitter is utilized for the precision cutting of materials such as mesh, flex vinyl, perforated vinyl, white solvent vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, reflective sheeting, application tape, foam adhesive tape Show Details >>
    1. Media TrimmerThe media trimmer is a type of rotary paper-cutter that is specifically designed for the task of paper-fixing. The rail-cutter stand can be manually lifted for the convenient fixing of materials. An adjustable rotary-blade allows the Show Details >>
    1. Print Head CleanerThe print head cleaner has a fully automatic nozzle washer. It is ideal for resolving nozzle-blockage issues. Our device can significantly prolong the service life of print heads from brands including Xaar, Seiko, Konica, Spectra, Epson, etc. Show Details >>
    1. Automatic Hot LaminatorThe automatic hot laminator supports Roll-to-Roll operation, effectively maximizing productivity. The laminating procedure includes both hot and cold lamination with either single or double sided processing. Show Details >>

We provide industry professionals with a one-stop service that satisfies all of their advertising equipment needs. Our high-performance machines make excellent additions to businesses such as Ad agencies and sign-making workshops.

Banner Welder
The maximum printing width of a conventional wide-format printer is only 3.2m (126"), insufficient for modern outdoor-advertising displays. Our banner welder provides a much needed solution to this problem. It is capable of splicing two pieces of printing media together for one enormous display. Expand your business options with this practical machine.

Cutting Plotter (Vinyl Cutter)
This piece of equipment assists with the precision cutting of vehicle wrap based on different images references.

Fading is a common phenomenon in the indoor printing business, caused primarily by the poor water and UV resistance of water-based inks. To remedy this, a transparent film is applied on the surface of finished media, providing extra protection from water and dust. This process is known as lamination.

Print Head Cleaner
Daily usage can result in print head clogging, which may be caused by poor ink quality or unstable voltage. The print head cleaner provides a line of defense against these problems, extending the service life of your equipment.

Banner Slitter
How can you create a 30-inch wide small-format display from a 126-inch flex banner? We offer the solution in the convenient form of a banner slitter. Diversify your business by adding flexibility to the processing range of your machines. Our slitter cuts the media by rolls, yielding desired sizes without wasting materials.

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