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Textile /Sublimation Printer

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Textile /Sublimation Printer
Infiniti TM /Challenger TM
Textile /Sublimation Printer
Model: UD-181LB / UD-1812LB
Textile /Sublimation Printer

The textile/sublimation printer UD-181LB / UD-1812LB incorporates a 2-unit system that includes both the printer and the heater. Images are printed directly onto fabrics or textiles via sublimation ink without the usage of sublimation paper. The heater then provides uniform heating around the printed media, producing brilliant and vivid results. The highly integrated sublimation printer system is designed with advanced technology, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient printing process. A well balanced front & back bar is utilized in combination with our unique roll feeding and take-up system to produce flags, textiles, and fabrics by the roll.


1. Unique roll feeding system.
2. User-friendly operation panel.
3. Balanced weight system.
4. Advanced sublimation technology.
5. Optional implementation of the automatic take-up system.
6. Yields products with waterproof and anti-UV properties.

Technical Specifications

ModelUD -181LBUD -1812LB
Print headEpson DX5
Number of print heads1 Head2 Heads
Maximum print width 1,800mm
Print Speed D2 PASS 25 m2/h2 PASS 40 m2/h
S3 PASS 15 m2/h3 PASS 25 m2/h
Q4 PASS 10 m2/h4 PASS 22 m2/h
HQ6 PASS 8 m2/h6 PASS 15 m2/h
Ink Type:Disperse Dye sublimation ink
Color :4 Color (C,M,Y,K)
Capacity: 1L per Main Tank of Each Color
Ink Supply SystemAuto Ink Supply System
Media WidthMaximum 1,880mm
Media TypePolyester
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped (Max. Media Weight 25kg)
Auto Cleaning SystemAnti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System
Pre-heating & Drying SystemEquipped
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Print head Height2 to 6 mm Above Media Adjustable
RIP SoftwareUltraprint, Maintop, Photoprint, Wasatch, Ergosoft
Input PowerAC 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Dimension / N.WL3,080 x W990 x H 1,260mm / 204KG
Package Dimension / G.WL3,190 x W1,100 x H 845mm / 390KG

The textile/sublimation printer has a flag-making system that prints on textiles directly without the usage of intermediate mediums. It is ideal for the production of silks, flags, fabrics, banners, portraits, etc.

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