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Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-3266J

Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-3266J
Wide Format Solvent Printer Model: FY-3266J

The 6-color Infiniti/Challenger wide format solvent printer FY-3266J is equipped with the Seiko SPT 1020 print head. This model is our solution for wide color-gamut high-speed printing.

The Seiko SPT 1020 printer can operate at 2 times the speed of a SPT 510 model. The 6-piece print head can print in 6 colors, a major upgrade from traditional 4-color printing. Users will be able to produce stunning images, making their signs and advertisements stand out from the competition.

Technical Specifications
Model No. FY-3266J
Print head Type Seiko Spt1020 35pl
Quantity 6
Resolution (dpi) 1080dpi
Color 6 color
Speed 1 pass Draft Mode 101sqm/h
2 pass Standard Mode 76sqm/h
3 pass Resolution Mode 51sqm/h
Media Width (129.92")
Types Frontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film
Cleaning System Positive Pressure Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Heating System Pre, Mid, Post Heater, Cooling Fan System
Environment Temperature: Humidity:40%-60%
Rip Software Photoprint, UltraPrint, Topaz, Maintop, Caldera, Wasatch
Print head Height (Max)
Interface USB 2.0
Power AC220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 500W-1800W
Machine L4766 x W930 x H / 640±
Packing L4980 x W1150 x H / 923±

The wide format solvent printer FY-3266J is very popular in the Ad sign industry. It is used with numerous types of printing media including mesh, vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap, window film, perforated vinyl, and more.

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