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Large Format Solvent Printer FY-3286T/66T/08T

Large Format Solvent Printer FY-3286T/66T/08T
Large Format Solvent Printer Model: FY-3286T/66T/08T

This Infiniti or Challenger large format solvent printer varies in types including the FY-3266T type, FY-3286T type and FY-3204/06/08T.

The FY-3266T printer is mounted with six Seiko SPT1020/35PL printheads, indicating that it prints at double speed of the Seiko SPT510/35PL machine. With six colors printing allowable, the printed product shows bright and vivid colored effect.

The FY-3204/06/08T large format solvent printers are flexible to select 4, 6 or 8 Seiko SPT510/35PL print heads, which makes it with extremely high cost performance. From the perspective of price, printing speed and color, users have diverse options, such as the FY-3204T product has low purchase cost, the FY-3206T prints in bright colors and the FY-3208T works with high printing speed.

Our FY-3286T large format solvent printer adopts six Seiko SPT508GS print heads that are featured by high printing precision and speed. This print head works with high firing frequency up to 18kHz, which is over 2 times higher than that of the normal one. Therefore, the device realizes high ink jetting speed. In addition, it gets high precision printing and terrific grayscale effect die to 7 drops of ink with the droplet size that is multiples of 15PL.

Technical Parameters
Product ModelFY-3266TFY-3286TFY-3204/06/08T
PrintheadDrop on demand Piezo Head
Printhead ModelSPT1020-35PLSPT508GSSPT510-35PL
Number of Printhead6pcs6pcs6/8pcs
Printhead Quantity1×6 (Single Line)1×6 (Single Line)1×6 (Single Line)
2×4 (Double Line)
Ink TypeSolvent ink/eco solvent ink
Ink ColorCMYK or CMYKLcLm
Ink Supply SystemLow ink detector, auto or manual ink supply system
Width3300mm(129, 92inch)
Maximum Print Width3200mm(125, 98inch)
TypeVinyl, flex, polyester, backlit film, window film, etc, roll media or sheet media
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped (Max. media weight 80kg)
Auto Cleaning SystemPositive cleaning anti-clogged flash function
Pre-heating and Drying SystemEquipped (optional drying system)
Print InterfaceUSB2.0
Printhead HeightAbove media adjustable
RIP SoftwareMaintop/UitraPrint/Photoprint
Input Power AC220V, 50Hz, 2750W
Operation EnvironmentTemperature: 20-28ºC
Machine Dimension/NWL4500mm×W905mm×H1260mm, 363kg ± 15kg
Package Dimension/GWL4460mm×W1050mm×H1520mm, 625kg ± 15kg

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