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Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-3278F/08F

Wide Format Solvent Printer Model: FY-3278F/08F

This Infiniti or Challenger wide format solvent printer FY-3278F/08F is a newly popularized machine with fresh design in 2013. It has been improved a lot via absorbing the feedback of Infiniti or Challenger users, performing with higher stability.

1.The aluminum printing platform is characterized by high flatness, which leads to the high printing precision and evenness. Moreover, the thick and heavy platform reduces the printing noise.
2. The supplied voltage for the print head can be adjusted automatically with the changeable temperature. Then the nozzle will not block under large temperature difference at all.
3. Our wide format solvent printer is able to skip the whitespace or white paragraph automatically, thus improving the productivity.
4. It supports the selection of bi-directional print mode and one-way print mode, modification of stepping and carriage moving speed in the printing process.
5. Thanks to the power off protection, the printing equipment can continue to print the former files when power is restored, avoiding the unnecessary loss.
6. While printing the black text, this printer uses 100% black ink without mixing with the ink of other colors so as to realize the distinct and correct black printing effect.
7. This printing device is also equipped with the robust suction fan mounted under the printing platform to prevent the print media from colliding with the carriage, ensuring high resolution printing effect.

Technical Parameters
Model FY-3278F FY-3208F
Print HeadDrop on demand piezo head
Number of Printhead8 heads, 510-50PL8 heads, Spt510-35PL
Maximum Print Width3,200mm
Print SpeedDraft161m²/h112m²/h
MediaMax. width3300mm
Max. weight120kg
TypeFrontlit, backlit, vinyl, polyester, window film, leather
Heating System3 way intelligent heater, IR and cooling fan dry system
InkTypeSolvent ink, eco solvent ink
Capacity1Lor 5L per color main tank
Auto Cleaning SystemPositive pressure cleaning, LED lighting
Print interfaceUSB2.0
Power SpecificationPrinter: 220V, 660W
Heater: AC220V, 2200W (IR dryer power 220V, 3200W)
Operational EnvironmentTemperature: 20ºC-28ºC
Humidity: 40%-70%
RIPPhotoprint, Ultraprint
Dimension and WeightMachineL4490mm×W1000mm×H1270mm, 430kg
PackageL4810mm×W1110mm×H840mm, 620kg

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