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Large Format Solvent Printer UD-3278K

Large Format Solvent Printer UD-3278K
Phaeton Seiko Large Format Digital Printer Model: UD-3278K (Heavy Duty)

The large format solvent printer UD-3278K provides an excellent solution for customers who deal with large printing volumes. It offers high speed without compromising the printing-resolution. This model is assembled around an extra thick cast-iron machine body and is much heavier duty than other super-speed alternatives such as the FY-3278N and the FY-3278Q. Our printer is the balanced infusion of speed and stability

Technical Specifications
Model No. UD-3278K
Print headTypeSeiko Spt510 50pl
Quantity4 x 2
Resolution (dpi) 720dpi
Color4 color
Speed2 pass Draft Mode 157sqm/h
3 pass Standard Mode 109sqm/h
3 passResolution Mode 91sqm/h
4 pass High Quality Mode 70sqm/h
MediaWidth (129.92")
TypesFrontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film
Cleaning System Positive Pressure Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Heating System Pre, Mid, Post Heater, Cooling Fan System
EnvironmentTemperature: Humidity:40%-60%
Rip Software Photoprint, UltraPrint, Topaz, Maintop, Caldera, Wasatch
Print head Height (Max)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
PowerAC220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 500W-1800W
MachineL4786 x W1000 x H / 685±
PackingL4980 x W1400 x H / 968±

High Speed and High Resolution
On 2-pass printing mode, the Seiko SPT 510/50pl Piezo print head allows for printing speeds of up to 157sqm/hour. The maximum printing resolution is 720*720 dpi, ample for the purposes of outdoor advertising.

Collision Protection
Underneath the printing platform there are powerful suction fans. These devices prevent collisions from occurring between the carriage and the printing media.

Avoid Clogging
Drastic temperature changes will prompt the printer system to automatically adjust the print head voltage. This action prevents clogging in the nozzle. The individual color cleaning function makes maintenance both easy and convenient.

Affordable Solvent Ink (Seiko SK4)
The popularity of the Seiko print head is apparent in the outdoor-printing market. Consequently, the large demand for Seiko digital ink has significantly reduced the cost of the commodity. A 50pl nozzle enables flexible ink compatibility. These contributing factors make Seiko ink much cheaper than digital ink for brands such as Konica, Epson, and Spectra.

This Infiniti Seiko large format solvent printer UD-3278K is used by the Ad and sign-making industry for the processing of print media such as mesh, banner, vinyl, vehicle wrap, and window film.

Related Names
Large Size Solvent-ink Printing Machine | High Efficiency Solvent Printing Equipment | Outdoor Advertising Printer

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