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Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-3266R/08R

Wide Format Solvent Printer FY-3266R/08R
Infiniti/Challenger Seiko Wide Format Solvent printer Model: FY-3266R/08R

The 6-color Infiniti/Challenger wide format solvent printer FY-3266R/08R has a 1020 nozzle print head for each color, granting you double the printing speed of 510 models. In effect, its performance is on par with inkjet printers that are equipped with twelve Seiko SPT510 print heads.

Technical Parameters
Model FY-3266RFY-3208R
Print headTypeSeiko Spt1020 35plSeiko Spt510 35pl
Color6 colors2×4 colors
Speed1 pass Draft Mode: 101m²/hDraft Mode: 101m²/h
2 pass Standard Mode: 75m²/hStandard Mode: 76m²/h
3 passResolution Mode: 50sqm/hResolution Mode: 51m²/h
MediaWidth3300mm (129.92")
TypesFrontlit, Backlit, vinyl, polyester, window film, mesh, leather, backlit film
Cleaning system Positive pressure cleaning, anti-clogging flash function and capping system
Heating system Pre, mid, post heater, cooling fan system
Humidity: 40%-60%
Rip software Photoprint, UltraPrint, Topaz, Maintop, Caldera, Wasatch
Print head height 4mm (Max.)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
PowerAC220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 500W-1800W
Size and WeightMachineL4460mm×W905mm×H1280mm/348kg ±15kg
PackingL4590mm×W1150mm×H1580mm/590kg ±15kg

Wide Color Gamut
The 6-color wide format solvent printer is superior to its 4-color predecessors. A wider color gamut enables vivid printing effects with rich colors and smooth gradients. In the competitive world of advertising, this advantage can be the defining difference between mediocre works and outstanding ones.

Power-off Protection
The printer automatically saves critical system files in the event of unexpected power loss. Operations resume normally when power has been restored. This fail-safe effectively protects users against information loss.

Easy Maintenance
Individual color cleaning is available, greatly simplifying machine maintenance procedures.

The wide format solvent printer FY-3266R/08R is utilized extensively by professionals in the Ad sign industry. It can accommodate a wide range of print media including mesh, vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap, window film, one-way vision vinyl, etc.

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