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PCI print control system troubleshooting

1. Printhead not firing ink
Check whether printhead voltage is on.
Check whether optical fiber connects correctly.
Check whether the reading of the encoder in the software is changing when the carriage is moving.(If reading does not increase or decrease correspondingly, check the encoder sensor).

2. Carriage motor (X motor) or feeding motor (Y motor) not functioning
Check whether PCI card is installed properly.
Check whether motor is under self-lock with electricity.
Refer to the motor servo driver in the circuit diagram for the connections. Check whether the power and data cable are connecting correctly.

3. Feeding or take-up motor not functioning
Check the sensitivity of the sensor.
Replace the feeding and take-up board.
Replace the feeding or take-up sensor.

4. X or Y motor overheated
Check whether there is resistance when moving the carriage. If there is obvious resistance, check if the motor gear is in the proper position. The gear should not have contact with the motor.

5. The parameter of printhead voltage is not correct when uploading or downloading
Check whether the driver of the PCI card is installed.
Check whether optical fiber connects correctly.
Check whether no damage on the optical fiber.
Change computer and PCI card.
Change printhead board.

6. Software froze or parameter cannot be saved
Replace the "printer" software from the CD.
"Printer" software requires all the files to be writable. Uncheck the "Only for read" under the properties.

7. Miss color during printing
Check whether there is air in the printhead and tube between ink sub-tank and printhead. If there is, please remove it.
Check whether no air leakage.
Set proper printhead voltage.
Check whether negative pressure is correct by adjusting the sub-tank height.

8. Ink supply system not functioning
Reconnect long flat data cable of "S" and check whether the connection part is not damaged.
Check whether ink pump connects properly.
Change servo board.
Check whether floating switch is working properly.

9. Pump is not working
Check whether there is the incoming voltage of 24V.
Check whether the plug is connected properly.
Use syringe to inject and suck out air from the ink incoming side. Stop until you feel the piston is moving.
Check whether there is ink in the safety sub-tank. If there is, please empty the safety sub-tank.
Change pump.

10. Ink drops out from the printhead after positive pressure cleaning
Check whether air tube is clipped.
Check whether elec. mag. valve is clogged by ink, If it is, please clean it with solvent. Or change elec. mag. Valve.

11. Interruption during printing
Restart the printer and the computer.
Rip the image again.
Check optical fiber connection.
Replace "Printer" software.
Change PCI card.
Change printhead board.

12. Printer froze or bi-direction changes to uni-direction, carriage hitting the frame, and have data error
Check whether long and short belts of the carriage movement are vibrating.
Check the consistence between motor gear and motor.
Check whether raster strip is dirty or encoder sensor is damaged.
Change motor.

13. Vertical banding
Clean and lubricate 4 steel rails with grease perfectly or change the carriage bearing.

14. Carriage movement is normal, but cannot read the encoder data and print nothing
Check S long data cable, PCI card, head board, encoder sensor, and high density cable, etc.

15. Malfunction caused by PCI card installed improperly
Print data error or lost; Software is malfunction; Carriage does not move when turn on software. Check golden finger of the PCI card is clean or not. Change to another socket. Change computer. Change PCI card.

16. Malfunction caused by high density cable connect unwell
Carriage could not reposition. Carriage move and stop in turn towards one direction when printing. Carriage could not move. Could not feeding. Unplug and replug the cable. Check PCI card, servo board, motor.

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