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Eco-Solvent Compatible Cartridge Ink

Our eco-solvent compatible cartridge ink is derived from the Roland Eco-sol Max series. This ink is provided by a highly reputable OEM factory, the same one that supplies original inks for top brands such as Roland, Mutoh, and Mimaki. Our ink composition is a 90% match of the originals. To further simplify things, ICC profiles are no longer necessary.


ModelsPhotosSuitable PrinterColorsFeatures
VS-EPCI1 EPSON Print Head, Series Solvent PrintersC/M/Y/K/Lc/LmVivid and brilliant color;
Low odor;
Long durability;
VS- EPCI2 EPSON Print Head Series Solvent PrintersC/M/Y/K/Lc/LmEco-sol Max Compatible Cartridge Ink.
Vivid and brilliant color;
Low odor;
Long durability;

Prevent Nozzle Clogging
The Roland Eco-sol Max cartridge ink contains nano-scale pigment particles and is characterized by its liquidity and high purity. Designed for fast-paced working environments, our ink effectively resolves all clogging issues. Stable and reliable, the ink is suitable for long-term storage.

Eliminate Odor
Our ink has a 60% BIO-base composition and emits no odors or air pollutants.

The Eco-sol Max cartridge ink can be used by Roland inkjet printers. It is also an excellent choice for the Mimaki series, which includes models such as JV3, JV33, JV5, and CJV. Other compatible printers include the Mutoh RockhopperII, ValueJet Sereis, etc.

440 ml / cartridge

Operational Range
Temperature: 18 to 30℃ / 64 to 86F
Relative Humidity: 25 to 60% Non-condensing

Order Information
A trial order includes 8 pieces, 2 cartridge per color. Follow-up orders must meet the minimum order quantity of 48pcs.

Reduce Costs

Is original cartridge ink for Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh a sustainable option for you? Try the alternative and expand your options. Our bulk ink system and compatible bulk ink are very affordable.

    1. Miamki Bulk Ink System
    1. Mutoh Bulk Ink System

    1. Roland Bulk Ink System

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