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Sublimation Printer VS-901HTP/1601HTP

Sublimation Printer VS-901HTP/1601HTP
Direct-to-Textile Printer Model: VS-901HTP/1601HTP

Product Description
Our sublimation printer VS-901HTP/1601HTP offers one-stop printing solution, releasing users from the heat transfer paper printing jobs and the printing troubles. It is no longer difficult to accomplish the high volume inking performance.

1. The unique back heating platform can drying and ironing the heat transfer paper with high-efficiency. More smooth paper, better heat transfer quality.
2. Hot Wind Dry System, Hot-win and Cold-win fits different printing speed.
3. Take-up System with Tension Control Function

This machine is mounted with only one Epson DX5 head, exerting outstanding printing effect on various heat transfer papers. Under 4 colors mode, it is able to print at the speed of 15m²/h to the upmost.

1.Printing on clothing, curtain, sofa, umbrella, handbag, carpet, toys, etc.
2.Printing decoration on plastic surface of heat resistant plastic materials, plastic materials after coating, painting and electrophoresis, etc.
3.Printing decoration on metal surface of metal decorative plates after coating painting, etc.
4.Printing on the pros and cons of natural leathers
5.Printing on the surface of PU, PVC and materials coated PU/PVC, etc.

1.Professional Print for Digital Transfer Paper
This sublimation printer makes full use of the printing technology with CMYK×2 colors. It offers continuous printing on a whole roller without any guards. Equipped with the particular drying and tensioning system, this device is capable of printing the media for 2,000m without scarping nozzles and corrugating printed medium in the entire process.

2. Rapid Drying
Our product employs double heating systems for drying the medium at high speed. One is a 300mm wide back drying platform with the temperature ranging from 60 to 70°C. It makes the medium ironed completely and increases the rate of finished printed product. The other system is the heating platform with hot air dryer. Both the cold air and hot air dryers are available under segmented control.

3. Precise Medium Tensioning and Feeding
The constant tensioning and feeding system gets the transfer paper tense without any deviation.

4. Efficient Cost Reduction
Compatible with any brands of transfer paper, the sublimation printer makes its print head durable without scratches. As the cheap heat transfer paper is still available, it saves much use cost for users. In addition, the optimal drying and tensioning system not only raises the rate of finished product, but also lessens the scrap rate as possible as could.

Technical Parameters
Print Head TechnologyDOD micro piezo head, 180 nozzles ×8 lines
Print Head Quantity1pcs
Max. Printing Width920mm1620mm
Resolution360DPI, 720DPI, 1080DPI, 1440DPI
Printing Speed Production 4Pass12m²/h15m²/h
Standard 6Pass10m²/h12m²/h
Quality 8Pass8m²/h10m²/h
High Quality 12Pass5m²/h6m²/h
InkType Water base dye sublimation/disperse ink, reactive ink, acid ink
Color 2×CMYK
Supply WayRefillable cartridge, optional continuous ink supply system
CapacityStandard 220ml×2/color
FabricMedia TypeHeat transfer paper
Media FeedingPassive
Max. Media Width940mm1640mm
Max. Media LoadPassive 25kg
Max Media Diameter350mm
Print Head HeightFrom media surface 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 adjustable
Print Head CleaningAuto purging and capping system
Auto Media Tensioning Inductive tensioning system
Media DryingBack heating and hot air drying system (segmented control)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
RIP SoftwareStandard Main Top RIP, PhotoPrint, Wasatch and other third-party software.
Operation SystemWindows XP, Win7
Power Consumption220VAC/50Hz +- 10%, Max. 10A
EnvironmentTemperature: 20ºC~32ºC
Relative humidity: 40%~ 80%
Package Size: L×W×H/Weight1710mm×782mm×1170mm/ 100kg2410mm×782mm×1170mm/130kg

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